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Do It Yourself Parelli Horse Training.

Do It Yourself Parelli Horse Training.

15/06/2011 @ 7:10 am

Parelli horse training is considered to be the first Do it

yourself horse training program .

Parelli horse training

The Parelli horse training program is named after the founder, Pat Parelli.  He developed the program over his twenty five years of training horses.  It’s said that the reason he developed the Parelli horse training program is due to the fact that he believed through giving deeper information with regards to training horses, people can release their potential when it comes to training horses.

The Parelli horse training program is all about the development of the self.  The first 3 phases are made specifically to teach the human.  After that, the next level is all about the horse.  This is the part where a hands-on approach is needed because it’s more detailed.  There are ten levels to work through before you can say you’ve achieved the mastery of a human to horse relationship.

Parelli horse training Level One.

Level one is where trust and respect is built.  It is made to help the owners or riders to create a positive impact on the horses.  This first level will also teach you how you can communicate with your horse and teach some things that your horse needs to understand while he is being ridden

Parelli horse training Level Two.

In the second level, you’ll start to develop your independence and confidence with the horses, learning how to read your horse’s behavior in advance and utilizing psychology to cause the horse to do those things you want him him to do.

Parelli horse training Level Three.

Level three is about polishing those things you’ve taught your horse during the first two levels.  This time, your communication with your horse is more subtle with accurate and more précised reactions asked of your horse.  This level is about finesse and grace.  You’ll also need to teach your horse the vertical flexion and know its benefits.

Parelli horse training Level Four.

Level four is for those who want to achieve a higher level of performance in regard to horsemanship, difficult horses, young horses and different horses.

The levels five to ten are about unity.  The fifth level is the start of having a background on how to achieve unity.

The next four levels are made for achieving true unity.  The true unity is what drives most dedicated horsemen.  Having a physical, emotional and as well as mental unity with the horse is something rare and very special.

The final level is the mastery of true unity.  This is a lifetime task because it can’t be achieved in just a few years of training.  This is a continuous process that takes a lot of time before your horse masters the unity with nature and as well as with you as the rider.

It is the objective of the Parelli horse training program to achieve this.


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